We also offer the Porchetta from Terzo as an option for catering. We can do a buffet with all the fixings, or just the prepared Porchetta meat.


Buffet: $10.00 per serving. Price includes:

  •  Porchetta
  •  Buns
  •  Aioli and toppings:
  • Calabrian aioli
  • Garlic-parsley aioli
  • Truffled mushrooms
  • Grilled rapini
  • Fennel radicchio slaw
  • Fennel radicchio slaw $22/quart
  • House made chips $16.25/pound
  • Aioli $10.00/pint

Porchetta meat only:

  • $28/pound. A pound makes 4-6 sandwiches depending on bun size. 

12 Sandwich Minimum

 48 hour notice preferred

Please inquire about off site events

Email for more information.